How to Make Money Blogging-what I learned from studying big blogger's income reports

How to Make Money Blogging

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Are you wondering how to make money blogging?  Have you ever read the income reports from some of the big bloggers and wondered how you can achieve similar success?  I’ve studied a number of blogger income reports and I’m breaking down their strategies in this post.

How to Make Money Blogging - what I learned from studying big blogger's income reports

Over the past few months, I’ve been studying the income reports that some of the bigger bloggers have been sharing.  Wouldn’t we all love to earn $25K or more every single month?! ?

Here are some tips that I’ve discovered to help you on your way to turning your passion for blogging into a career.

Ads: This is probably the most popular avenue into the world of blogging. It operates the way you would expect it to: advertisers pay you to promote their products by putting up an ad on your blog. Ads are a good way to earn revenue when you are first starting out because services like Google AdSense and can make it easy to provide your readership with products they may like to try, which translates into dollars for you.

Affiliate Marketing: This is when you set up a link on your blog to a product on another site and if one of your readers buys it through your link you earn a commission on it. There are many affiliate programs out there that you can sign up for – Amazon has one of the most popular ones. This is really great way to earn income while also learning how to effectively promote products, which may be helpful if and when the time comes to sell your own products and services.

How to Make Money Blogging-what I learned from studying big blogger's income reports

Services and Products: The most popular product for most blogs to sell is an e-book, to teach others something they have experience with.  E-books can be on any topic you like, such as cookbooks or tutorials, such as my e-book, The Busy Blogger’s Guide to Using Interns or this book on using Evernote.

Some bloggers put together packets of printables such as these from Carrie-Elle, while others sell online courses such as this one on how blogger’s can make the most of Pinterest or this one on the basics of digital photography.

Don’t be afraid to sell your skills! You know more than you think you do.  Others, especially those who are new to a certain topic, are looking for a reliable and helpful source of information and you can provide that quality service, while also providing for yourself!

If you’re interested in learning everything about creating a successful e-book product, check out the Book Boss course from Just a Girl and Her Blog.  It was fantastic!  Abby and Donnie walk you through everything you need to know about creating and launching a successful product.

Community Subscriptions: As you work your way up, and you become an expert in your niche, you can offer an exclusive community subscription, such as The Smart Blogger Academy or Food Blogger Pro. Let people know that by signing up for your email list or subscribing to your site, you will let them in on the ground floor of exclusive, private information or offers that the general population isn’t getting.

To sum it all up, you’ll notice that there is no one way to make a killing.  Those that are successful are using a variety of sources to maximize the earning potential from their blogs.  The key is to make a plan that works for you and implement strategies that will help you achieve your goals.

Many bloggers do it for the love of it, and when you love something that can also earn an income, it becomes that much better!

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